To be precise, 24th -26th November, 2017 remain an historic day in the legitimate formation of Reformation Movement of Nigeria (RMN), the events which took place at Walgreen Hotel and Suites Plots 2, Olulesi Road, Olugborogan Town, Lekki Lagos where representatives from across Nigeria gathered to make history on this advocacy. Though, the journey and the momentum to form RMN could be trace back to the Fourteen (14) years of students Unionism with an uninterrupted ideology, passion and discipline.

Reformation Movement of Nigeria is a Socio- ideological group that consist of high wisdom-infused youths who refused to be oppressed, depress and molested; though it all started as a student movement at Federal Polytechnic Offa, Kwara State but has now metamorphose from just an ordinary student movement into a large gathering of intellectuals and catalyst who are capable of making a positive and meaningful impact in our Nation. This organization is also very passionate about the overall positive development of the Nation called Nigeria and other nation of the world where its influence can extend to in all sphere cutting across all levels of government and also influencing the world in general. Reformation Movement of Nigeria (RMN) is undoubtedly a haven where youths who truly want to make formidable change in the history of this nation at a time like this seek recourse and redress.

Reformation Movement of Nigeria stands out uniquely as a highly refined organization, structured, epitomizing & advocating purposeful leadership on the globe. The Organization also harbours multi talents and ambidextrous personalities whose advocacies engender welfare of all citizens irrespective of tribe,gender or creed.


To be the largest & most resourceful youth movement in the Nigeria by the year 2022.

To reform Nigeria and beyond through intellectual advocacy.

To give alternative solutions to government policies.

To teach youths the act of governance.

To imbibe entrepreneurial & professional etiquette in youths.


To cater for the less privileged in the society.

To campaign against the gross abuse and violation of the fundamental human rights of our members.

To create awareness on government policies and agenda geared towards fostering unity amongst Nigerians..

To promote and imbibe in all members the spirit of sense of duty, honesty, probity, rejuvenates peaceful Co-existence among youth of various ethnics and economical background.

To foster peace through seminars, lectures, sport competitions, entertainment activities, talent hunts and music.

To raise awareness among youths on the need to actively participate IN the Socio -political activities of the country.

To make youths the catalyst of change through adequate entrepreneurial skill and knowledge .

To train youth to be responsible to themselves and their society..

To create economic opportunities for members and the society at large.

Reformation Movement of Nigeria Documents.

You can download the organization documents e.g. Profile and ByLaws.