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Reformation Movement of Nigeria


Reformation Movement of Nigeria is a Socio- ideological group that consist of high wisdom-infused youths who refused to be oppressed, depress and molested; though it all started as a student movement at Federal Polytechnic Offa, Kwara State but has now metamorphose from just an ordinary student movement into a large gathering of intellectuals and catalyst who are capable of making a positive and meaningful impact in our Nation.

This organization is also very passionate about the overall positive development of the Nation called Nigeria and other nation of the world where its influence can extend to in all sphere cutting across all levels of government and also influencing the world in general.

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Reformation movement of Nigeria shall adopt the following strategy in achieving the aims and Objectives of the organization;

Intellectual Classes

This is the primary vocal of forming an ideology in RMN. We shall employ this strategy in all our chapters nationwide while the framework on this has been send to the chapters for proper implementation. Today RMN across the federations are strictly observing this on daily basis

Training/Workshops/ Symposium:

We so much believe that our youth must be well trained and mentor in order to actualize there potentials. RMN has gone to the grassroots with operation secondary schools arm of RMN which sought for a virile collaboration among stakeholders. This will inject RMN ideology into the new system.


We are not unaware that tangible project like this need a total collaboration with relevant groups and stakeholders. Several organization and individual groups have been consulting with the leadership of RMN while we take time to scrutinize similar ideological group for partnership. The organization shall network with local and international organization accorded high priority in extensive networking, collaboration and knowledge sharing with grassroots, local, international, public and nongovernmental organization.


RMN shall continue its advocacy through the grassroots mobilization of members and comrades who share in our ideology. We have started the operation campus to campus inauguration of RMN. This will base the catalyst of intellectual advocacy through adequate and persistence mentoring.


Building the empire of free legal service to the citizen especially our members will go along way to sustain our fundamental human rights. Training on legal and constitution awareness will help to build a law abiding citizens..